1706 Back To Front.


I’ve played a significant amount of Fire Emblem Heroes since it’s a phone game and when I have to dash off after whatever I always have it with me. Recently they added a new mode that more closely resembles the original series and I’ve dumped even more time in to it. The genius of the update is that it encourages players to have a larger number of fully power allies, rather than focusing on a single team. Up until recently I had 4 characters I dumped all my efforts in to because you rarely needed more than 4 powerful team members. If you follow my twitter you’ll know that the theme of my original team is impressively large breasts. It wasn’t really my goal, but that’s how my draws played out. Kagero has anti infantry powers, Ursula anti cavalry, Tharja extremely powerful attack, and Camilla is brutal when used offensively. Kagero and Tharja are actually two of my favorite characters and I would have used them regardless. Ursula I only vaguely remember from her game, but I have a recollection of her being hard to kill. Camilla is frankly an annoying trope character that the Japanese love. I really needed an axe user though and she fit the team perfectly. For the original style of the game they are a very strong team. They have weak points, but on average they are pretty balanced.
My strategy is basically being able to one shot any type of adversary with any one of the girls while the others act as shields depending on the situation. Most players stick to using the overpowered characters too, so my team is built to kill those ones in particular. Kagero vs Takumi & all infantry, Tharja Vs Hector & Ryoma, Ursula Vs Reinhardt. Camilla is sort of a multi purposed character since there aren’t a lot of popular blue characters that are overpowered. She can take out Reinhardt, and Olwen, without getting taken out, which is useful when Ursula has to deal with other cavalry units too.
Kagero is the absolute most useful character since most players love infantry units. I gave her vantage, which maker her strike first if she has taken any damage, defiant attack, which maker her attacks stronger if she’s hurt, and Savage blow, which deals area of effect damage with every attack. She can one shot most infantry at full health, and nearly every other one if she’s taken damage. In order to control that I gave her reciprocal aid, which allows her to trade hit points with damaged team members. So if the others get hurt she heals them and powers up with the damage she takes on.
I have to play every battle because the AI has no idea how to make the team work. It just launches itself at the enemy like an idiot and gets wiped easily. I have no idea what it’s like facing the computer with my team, but I expect it’s not too difficult. It requires forethought that the computer does not posses.
Camilla has savage blow too, so in concert she and Kagero can heavily damage slower opponents before they reach the rest of the team.
Unfortunately the team struggles against armored units and winged units. If there’s more than one flying unit things get difficult fast. Armored units aren’t too bad if the team is mostly intact by the end of the round and can clean them up one by one. If usrual gets taken down cavalry becomes an issue too. Her defense is pretty low, so I have to draw them in and strike rather than fling her at them. With no real healing powers the team is a one battle unit.
In the tempest trials they are effective, but burn out fast. if Kagero is taken out first the team basically falls apart in most cases, although sometimes they can struggle on for a few rounds depending on enemy placement and whatnot. The importance of members is Kagero, Tharja, Ursula, then Camilla. The team can go a long way without Camilla. In fact, if I put in a healer, or a dancer (which can give units another turn) kagero alone can decimate most teams. That said, any of the four in combination with a dancer are very dangerous. A healer can give them some longevity, but a dancer turns them into a wild hammer that can smash the lynchpin of most other teams.
So that’s been my strategy so far in the trials. Of course I’ve spread the teams out more so that the power isn’t all lost in any one battle early on. Unfortunately the game never gives me 5 star green units, so I’ve had to upgrade them myself, which takes forever. On the other hand, for having not spent much money on the game currency I’ve gotten a lot of 5 stars of other types. They vary wildly in usefulness, but with tinkering I can make something out of them. I’m swimming in sword users, but have no archers. I keep getting healers and dagger users. That’s fine since they function similarly to archers, but the ability to target winged units would be handy.
I have a 3 star archer with vantage as a power, so I’m going to upgrade him all the way to 5 stars as fast as I can. Vantage makes an archer very useful vs ranged units, so he can pull double duty on that front.
In any case it will take months to fill out a roster that can reliably win tempest trials. Right now I’m at about 50% completion rate when doing the hardest map sets. I doubt seriously that I will be able to complete the entire prize chain before the time limit. I’d really like some of the bonus seals though, so I’m going to see if I can get at least one. Some of that time has to go to leveling up new axe users to fill in the gaps in my teams. If I had been aware of what they were going to do I would have planned in advance but I may just have to wait till next time.