1705 Suspension.


Believe it or not I actually have a height guide for Jess, Nina, and Ed. I had to make it after they had a long scene interacting with each other and was relieved that Ed was normal looking, although short of course, when I was done. In this image his feet are just barely out of the frame. Giving the characters differing heights was one of the most unintentionally difficult things I decided to do when I started this thing. Keeping short and tall people in frame with each other worked out in the end because you can fill the space above the short one with text and pan down a little on the tall one. In everyday like height differences aren’t usually that noticeable unless they are really extreme. At least for me. Plus the women in my family are taller than average so around most people the ones I’m looking at generally even out. I only notice people who are taller than myself usually. They are pretty rare. One of the inspirations for Nina was taller than me, and very striking to look at. It’s not very often I have to look up at a woman so it leaves an impression.

I worked with a guy who was actually a little shorter than Ed. At least I think he was. To even out our heights he had to stand on a chair. Of course he bucked the trend of the napoleon complex by being very secure in himself. In fact he’s one of the most confident, easygoing, and self assured people Ive ever known. I expect it must have been because his dad, who was also very short, had a very forceful personality that made him seem a lot taller, if you know what I mean. So maybe he never saw his height as as much of a deal as other short guys. That said, I know he got shit for it, but he just kind of let it wash over him like it never mattered.