1707. Work In.


Nina is going to spend their whole relationship bending over slightly and/or looming over him.

Yesterday I decided to go to town with mom on a whim. We were only going to be there for an hour or so. I figured I wouldn’t be in the heat long enough to start feeling unwell. Unfortunately I started to feel it before we left the building. I knew I was in trouble as we were loading the stuff and I knew it had been too hot for too long. On top of that we had a flat tire… Mom keeps an emergengy electric pump so she aired it up long enough to get to the repair place. I sat in the truck as the ac struggled to compensate vs the outside. It took about 30 minutes before I was back on a more or less even footing, but when the tire was being repaired I had to stand in the shop, which doesn’t believe in air conditioning. So it was a good long time of being way too hot and nearly passing out twice, although I didn’t let on exactly how bad things were. I figured if I fell over it would become pretty clear to everyone anyway.

Once I got home I just laid down and slept for quite a while. When I finally woke up my whole person was sore, but I knew I had to do some work while I was fresh enough so I did all the sketch parts of this page, then fell asleep sidelong, on the floor for a while, with my headphones on, listening to whatever youtube decided I needed to hear. Some time later I woke up and finished the inking. By that time it was time for lunch so I decided to make a sandwich, but I was apparently still a bit off from the day before so I started sweating and shaking badly about halfway through the task. I ended up back on the floor sleeping for three hours before I needed to make dinner. By then it was near sundown so it was cooler in general, so I managed to cook for dad. I felt too sick to eat. Once he was squared away I laid back down again, but forced myself back up in a couple of hours to finish the page. Which brings me to right now.

I will likely lay back down as soon as I finish typing. I still feel messed up and that seems to be all my body wants to do now.