1545 Sweet Dreams.


I’m going to do my best to describe Carol’s voice because I’ve never found a video of anyone who matches how she sounds in my head. It’s warm. Even when she’s angry. There’s no shrillness to it, but there’s clearly a wide range at her disposal. When she speaks it’s always clear, and you can tell she could get very loud if she wanted to. There’s that quality that people who sing regularly have of never sounding out of breath, like they have more control of the air they move in and out of themselves. In this instance she’s singing slowly, with the tone of a torch singer. The little wavy mark is where she’s holding the notes. I can hear her in my head so clearly that it’s frustrating I can never demonstrate it. I think that Carol is the voice my heart made up to sing songs I can’t, if that makes any sense.

If I were David Willis this would probably where I’d cut away to sell you a porn, and the next page would pick up as normal.

I’m sure you all hear the cast differently from me. Thomas would be the easiest to demonstrate, since I’ve always heard him in my own voice. Although what I hear is different than other people, since I’m riding in the machine. Recordings of myself don’t sound like what I sound like to myself obviously.

The cardinal versions of the male cast members tend to be those of my male friends. The girls aren’t, mostly because they’re too many people combined into new entities, so the voices don’t match anyone as strongly in my mind.

For the record, almost the entire cast have decent singing voices in my mind. Evrina never has, and Reggie tends not to sing, but he can. John isn’t very good because he doesn’t have much range, and Alex sounds awkward, but could be good if she practiced. Ed sounds like he’s terrified when he tries to sing, but his sister sings like she thinks she’s amazing. She’s average, but has a lot of heart. I don’t know if it’s weird to think about that for a comic, but I have. The perfect version of the world in my head has weird details like that worked out.

Reggie can play violin well, and a handful of other instruments passably, including bass guitar.
Nina can play guitar fairly well and the ukulele enough to accompany herself. She can also play a tiny bit of piano.
Carol can play guitar a bit and took enough piano lessons to play sheet music haltingly.
Mike can play the trumpet pretty well.
Jolene can play drums and most percussive instruments you’d find in a high school band room.
Alex can play the Piano well. To the point of a little bit of improv. (although I tend to forget this.)
Ed and Jess can play a little piano, and Jess can play a little guitar and bass.
Thomas can’t play anything, although he’s got a talent for it that was never explored.
John is terrible at reed instruments.