1546 Writing In The Dark.


It took a while to decide if I wanted Thomas to be typing this. When I typed those words the first time there wasn’t a beautiful woman waiting for me in the dark. Maybe Thomas will write an even better version of the story he lived. What I wrote between he and Carol has been an echo of what I remember about being in love and being loved back. It’s also a bit of what I expect finding someone you could love your whole life would be like.

As I was finishing this page I had a moment where I felt like this would be a good place to end the whole comic. Mainly because it’s cyclical, I expect. I still have stories I want to tell with these characters, but this page would give a person a sense that Thomas had learned enough to make a good life for himself, and Carol would keep him steadily improving in a way he couldn’t on his own. It’s how movies like to stop. A vague happy moment, or one of discovery. A little victory between failures.

I hope you guys are still interested in seeing what’s going to happen. I’m still interested in telling that story and still can’t imagine a time when I won’t be.

I should have thought of this last night, but my mind isn’t wired that way, I guess. Anyway, if you want to ensure I can keep going with the comic please consider dropping by my Patreon. It has saved the comic twice now. A dollar gets you access to everything I do there right now. Just give it some thought, okay?

I spent almost the entire day sketching my anthology entry for Muffintop 4. I’m feeling a little less worried about it now. It shouldn’t take too long to get it to a finished state. I’ll still need to get an extension probably, but it won’t be as terrible as I imagined it before. I’ll have to spent the next three days on regular pages though, which I’d rather not have to do. I liked having that week of buffer I used to have so I felt like I could take a risk from time to time. If I keep at it I’ll get back there eventually though.