1534 Taptastic.


There’s a chance that Jessica’s plan started here.

Her idea is basically what I would’ve done with my life if I was a girl. Excepting, of course, that the entirety of my life would’ve been different so chances are none of this would’ve happened, and I’d never’ve thought of it. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that if I were suddenly changed into a girl I’d enact her plan to make extra money. I think it’s fair to assume I’d be a sexy chick. You can get a lot further by yourself as a girl online if you’re moderately good looking and have a decent personality. There are certainly a lot of attractive women with no personality that are famous for looking good with a side order of being human monsters. Being a female creator is even in higher demand now, as long as what you create falls into a very narrow selection of things.

One of my friends is a girl, but no one believes he because her content seems like something only a guy would make. If she was doing a story about something trendy she could ride that wave of women doing it for themselves to the bank. She’s absolutely a better artist than I am, so it’s always seemed like she should be the one telling me how to do things rather than the other way around. Although I don’t bother much because she does whatever she likes and I’ve learned that my input is of no value to her, so there’s no point in wasting her time or mine. Of course being a girl isn’t a magic advantage, I’ve just noticed that you can use it as leverage right now in a way that you can’t as a dude.

If you don’t think having a calm voice and being pretty can make you money then feel free to look up Psychetruth on patreon. I’m not linking it because they don’t need my help one tiny bit. In fact I need your help so look me up there instead. XD Anyway, there is money to be made if you have a certain set of skills and the drive to make money in that way. The reality of things is though that as easy as it might be compared to say, digging a ditch, or working in fast food, it’s still a job at the end of the day. The more you come to rely on that income the more time it will take, just like any small business. So it works out to the same amount of work in the end, you just might like it a lot better and not kill yourself after the 3000th person screams at you because they got a pickle on their burger when they wanted onion.