1508 In Front Of My Back.


Oh, you come from a family of goddesses? That won’t be awkward at Xmas.
Just in case it isn’t clear enough from left to right: Carol, Cheri (Their mom), Robin, and Dusty. I considered making Dusty blonde at one point, but landed on redhead after all. When it came down to it having a third color felt wrong for whatever reason. I actually designed Robin in the first year of the comic. There are images of her floating around in a style I was experimenting with at the time. I went back to them for this image, even though it’s pretty small. Not that I needed to. Almost no one would remember this since it goes back to the Drunk Duck days. The stuff with Carol and her sisters, Robin in particular, was an idea that I wanted to use much earlier, but didn’t think I could make it work at the time. Carol sort of got left out when it comes to her motivations compared to the rest of the cast. What she wants in life isn’t as clear because she’s very focused on the now. The rest of the cast, in one way or another, are dreamers. They’re looking ahead to a time when they’ll become what they’re destined to be, but Carol does what Yoda tried to teach Luke. She keeps her mind on where she is and what she’s doing. The fact that she’s opening up to Thomas like this is a clear indication of how much she trusts him, because nostalgia isn’t such a core part of her makeup. I doubt you could pull that out of the pages of the comic, I just happen to know it because these are my actors, strutting and fretting their hour on the stage. Edward and Carol bonded partly because he’s very similar to her. He’s now oriented. Concerned with doing his job well. In many ways Carol should have been the one to train Ed because they would have clicked philosophically. Eventually they did, which led to his promotion to part time customer service. If Reggie wasn’t suck a dick, and Carol didn’t have such a bitchy attitude at work, he could have done the same thing. Unfortunately Carol is kind of a girl Reggie. They don’t get along because they are so alike. Thomas gets along wit them both, to the point of loving Carol even, because he can look past their exterior. In fact you can see the difference in how they both interact with him. As I’ve always said, Thomas actually likes Reggie and values him in a way that goes deeper than just the way he describes him as a useful tool. You’ll notice that Reggie, Carol, and Ed have several traits in common and have had hard times coming to terms with one another. And, if you’re old enough to remember the old character designs, Carol and Reggie share numbers, and Ed’s is evenly divisible by theirs. Just a little tidbit for the hardcore readers. XD