1573 New Normal.


People are, on average, getting less and less concerned about making other people feel bad about what turns them on. You don’t get to choose what does it for you, no matter what some people might try to tell you. The complex web of our minds just seems to decide and that’s all there is to it, until science figures out exactly how attraction works. It really sucks when you get stuck with liking something that society doesn’t accept. I thank my stars that I didn’t get something terrible like gore, or what have you. I like a few impossible things as fantasy and enough regular things that I can have a normal relationship without my fetishes ruining things. On balance my stuff is pretty vanilla and I’m glad of it. I’m also glad that I don’t have to deal with being gay, because it’s still a totally bullshit thing to have t put up with in our society. Why people are so concerned about what other people do with their parts is beyond me. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone what difference does it make?

Nina’s fascination with magical sex is a fun character trait, but I never really thought about it much. Even after writing it in I haven’t stopped to really think through what exactly it is she finds arousing. It’s not on the top of my list, and not super important to the story, so I haven’t dedicated a lot of thought to it. I do think that Nina wants to feel delicate, and petite, but generally can’t because of her height. It’s not like she’s a monster, but she’s taller than a lot of men, so getting that feeling of being wrapped up in someone’s embrace is something she can’t get as easily as other women. The fact that she likes Ed so much is just a tragic irony. That said, Ed could easily pick her up and tote her if he had a mind to. He certainly has the strength. I’m sure they’ll work something out eventually.