1574 Boobracadabra.


I’m only infinitesimally familiar with El Goonish Shive, but the body change fetish is basically what I understand that comic to be governed by at its core. I don’t know if it is, that’s just the vibe I get from my very limited exposure to it. It comes up on various fetish websites from time to time, and I’ve always been intrigued by the look of it, but I’ve never been able to make myself read it. I like how the eyes are in it.
The idea of temporary body alteration is hardly a new one. It appears in media constantly, which supports the idea that if it were every really made available to us we’d all jump right in. Permanent modification is extremely popular, so temporary modification would make who ever figured out how to do it in a cost effective manner very rich indeed.
If Carol had magical powers she would absolutely abuse them. Especially if she alone had them. She’d spend at least as much time calling attention to herself as she would not. In some ways she’s a bit like Jessica. They both crave attention on some level, Carol has just learned to be more subtle about it. She’s shown that she’ll drop all pretense if she wants something though. Of course all the characters do that to one degree or another because all humans are that way to varying degrees. Nina doesn’t walk around in belly shirts half the time just because she likes a breeze. She’s showing off. Of the female cast members Jo is the least prone to attention seeking displays, but she is being, and has always been influenced by the other girls. The more they reinforce the idea that she is attractive the more she’s done things to accentuate it. She still wears her armor, but underneath she’s experimenting.
The boys aren’t the same as far as outward displays of sexuality because in our culture that’s generally not a thing. Men aren’t expected to know how to enhance their plumage, so generally they don’t. Edward is probably the most insecure, but he compensates with strength and anger. John primps, but in a way that’s trying to seem like he doesn’t. Thomas just sort of falls into whatever he wears. He did change his hair to suit Carol, so that shows how important it is to look like she wants at least. Mike tries to look managerial and professional in so far as a big fat guy is easily capable of being without constant effort. Reggie maintains his specific look and style almost completely because of his internal code of always presenting his version of his best self. Which is why you almost never see him out of his buttoned shirt unless he’s caused a personal disaster he has to deal with. Wes, of course, is always trying to do the best imitation of himself.
If everyone had magic it wouldn’t be special, which is why I think in the Harry Potter universe you don’t see a lot of cosmetic magic in everyday life. It seems like they are more okay with being who they are because they can be who they aren’t for limited periods of time if they so choose. So maybe they are more likely to be attracted to each other as people rather than as collections of parts. On the other side, Hermione does fix her teeth with magic, and as a muggle she was brought up in the more shallow muggle community, so her appearance is more important to her than some. Theoretically. It’s just as likely that Rowling just never thought about any of this stuff and its the nature of fans to delve deeper than the soil actually extends.

My grandpa had some sort of fainting episode today. At first they thought it was a heart attack, but as the day has gone on they think it’s more like that fainting thing I do sometimes. In any case they rushed him to Wichita to see what was up, and we didn’t know what had happened for sure. I mean we still kind of don’t, but it’s less scary than it was because he shows no signs of having had a heart attack.
I heard mom leaving this morning and I could tell it wasn’t in a way that was normal. I didn’t get up to find out though, because I needed to sleep, but I was disturbed. When I saw the state of the bathroom later I was further concerned. I went ahead and did my regular things though because they need to be done and not knowing for sure what was wrong is much easier to deal with than knowing. I couldn’t fix anything anyway so there was no point in disrupting my flow, but I was still plagued by the ominous signs. When I finally found out what had happened the supposition was that he’d had a heart attack and been revived. I had to take a few minutes after The Teen told me to compose myself. Even then my eyes were crying in spite of my composure as she talked to me later. It was one of those calm on the surface, but legs kicking wildly under the water things.
Rationally I accept that everyone will die, but until reality forces the issue I prefer to live in the now. It’s hard to do that after a scare. It’s not like I have a bunch of important things to tell my grandpa. What makes me sad is the idea of what everyone else will lose when he’s gone. All the stuff that I enjoyed with him, the stories he has. It’s sad to think of them not being told anymore.

Anyway, I have to cut this short. Stuff is going on that I can’t put off. I’ll be getting out the first patreon bonus comic soon, I’m just caught up in things at the moment. It’s partially finished. And I’m getting to the other stuff too, so no worries there. Sorry I can’t do it faster.

Teen Corner

Hello world, it is I, the teen. I have been meaning to post more often with Jackie but I keep forgetting. I am not really sure anyone bothers to read what I say on here anymore but I plan to start posting with Jackie regularly again, unless you readers aren’t interested in reading what I have to say then I will discontinue posting so feel free to leave me comments and let me know if you would like me to stick around. I will make sure to respond for once. Today was not my best day I spent the majority of it worrying about my grandpa and waiting for updates about for. He appears to be doing okay but just the scare and the thought of losing him really threw me off. I’m not super close to my grandpa but I have always enjoyed being around him and have good memories with him and I honestly don’t think this family could take the loss of him. The whole day I was on the verge of tears terrified I would get a call that he was gone. I know, way to think positively right? I’m just naturally prepared for bad things to happen at this point, until they happen then I freak out and lose my ability to think rationally. on the bright side the day went by and grandpa appears to be doing good so that has calmed me down a lot.Another thing that has me feeling not so calm is the fact that I start school in nine days. I should be excited because its my senior year, right? wrong. I am terrified and a bundle of nerves. I still don’t have a backpack or school supplies. I have no idea what my schedule is at this point because my school offers college classes that I signed up for but my ACT scores had to be a certain number and my English school was two points below what it needed to be. so that being said I have to take an accuplacer test and past that with at least a 90 to get into the classes I signed up for the main problem is my aunt has yet to get ahold of the people at the college so I can go take the test and I also have to order text books for the classes so I’m kind of screwed at this point. More than classes has me worried, I don’t know what I want to do after graduation. stay here, move away? I know I shouldn’t be worrying about that already but its what I’m naturally good at. as I have said before I am not ready to adult, I would honestly love to stall for another four years or so. my goal is to push my worrying aside a bit and enjoy my last year but I also need to worry enough to get scholarships filled out and so on. Jackie and I took a road trip to the store thanks to one of my close friends and her air conditioned car. we now have food to live on incase my aunt is gone for longer than expected. I picked up some hair dye on our adventure guess I’m going to go black cherry. yes that is a real color, it even says it on the box. with everything going on lately I thought a change would be nice and I’m sick of these blonde highlights. Jackie purchased the animated movie “The killing joke” which we are watching as we speak. I am actually excited to see it so far I’m enjoying it. anyways my interweb people if you are actually reading I’ll be going now so I can actually pay attention to this movie. Leave comments and let me know if you want “The teen corner” to stick around and post more often.