1511 Notorious.


Having sudden, intense, feelings of attraction to someone who you aren’t physically attracted to as soon as they display exceptional intelligence is one topic I don’t need to research. It happens to me, so I know it’s a real thing. That said, there are things that can break the spell, so to speak. Tattoos of words, for example, drive me insane. I can cope with almost anything else, but words, even proper names, have to be read every time I see them and it fucking makes me mental. Although if it’s in a language I don’t understand the effect is lessened considerably. If it’s in an alphabet I don’t recognize the problem is almost non existent. The problem is I’ve learned to recognize certain common words in a lot of languages. I know it will sound ridiculous to a lot of people, but it’s just a compulsion I am aware of in myself. I’ve tried to get past it and have never managed too. I’ve known some truly wonderful women that I would’ve dated, even took a stab at it in some cases, but the problem was I wanted to take a stab at their fucking tattoo every time I saw it. As far as I know there’s no level of beauty, or intelligence that can counteract the word tattoo effect. The world being the place that it is now this has whittled my possible relationships down to almost zero. This fact will probably be the thing ultimately responsible for my eventual suicide. I wish that last line was a joke.
There is a lot of me in Reggie. Almost as much as Thomas. He’s probably closer to the real me than I want to admit. I’m always comforted when people say Reggie is their favorite character because it makes it seem like there’s hope for me. You can be full of negative traits, but ultimately be trying to do good, and people can see it. Ages ago I explained where Reggie came from, but I’ll do it again because it’s been a decade.
He doesn’t appear in the first story except a mention once at the very end because he wasn’t supposed to be part of the cast of the movie. He was created for a separate idea that I always wanted to do called “That Bastard Reggie” Basically it was a story about the antagonist friend rather than the ideal lead. It was kind of a story about the importance of people like Reggie in our lives and in fiction. That one friend that no one is sure why you’re friends with. They cause problems, complain about everything, make fun of everything you try, but are always around. If you don’t have a friend like that, then you ARE that friend. It’s not always as cut a dry as that, but someone in your circle fills that role and there’s a hierarchy of who is next in line when that person isn’t around. People will become the Reggie when one leaves. Anyway, I had all the other archetypes in the story except for him and adding him basically completed things in my mind, so he didn’t get to be the lead. If I could do it all again I’d’ve put him in the first story too. Maybe I could combine the first two stories into one, or write them slightly differently, but in retrospect I’ve always felt like he should’ve been in the first part. His shenanigans drive a lot of the story. He’s not a villain per se, but the things he does cause problems that effect everyone. His tendency to be self aggrandizing makes him easy to blame for things he’s not fully responsible for because it’s annoying. He draws ire like a magnet.
Evrina from the furry story is that group’s Reggie and when the two meet they have to have a pissing contest to decide who the king Reggie is. In that moment you feel what I think the cast would’ve felt if they had all been there. He’s a jerk, but he’s OUR jerk. That is one of those crazy things about the human heart that I’ve always been fascinated by.
Reggie’s full name is Reginald Watson Boothe. He’s named for three villains. Reggie Mantle from Archie comics, Jeff Watson from my real life, and John Wilkes Booth the presidential assassin. The first and last things are obvious enough choices. The middle name is a guy who had feelings for a girl I dated. He was my nemesis really only because of that, but that’s reason enough. In actual fact I liked him and wished we could have been friends, but as so often happened the love of a woman put us at odds. (The girl in question is the one I based Constance on by the way) He once “kidnapped” her in an elaborate plot to… You know, I don’t actually know what his endgame was, but I was supposed to follow them around town and find them or something. But of course he was her friend so it wasn’t like she was really in danger. He wasn’t a rapist and at the time I knew she was in love with me, so I never bothered to chase them. Later on she told me how annoyed he was that I wouldn’t play the game. Which I thought was absolutely hilarious. The fact that he went to the trouble to do that ridiculous thing made him stick in my mind, so I honored him by naming Reggie after him. A dubious honor perhaps, but one of the most genuine I’m capable of bestowing on another person. I don’t know what happened to the girl apart from her love for me faded and she made a life without me in it. I don’t know what happened to Jeff apart from he didn’t become the famous person I sort of thought he might. I hope he’s doing well though. I appreciate a quality nemesis.