1468 Take Out.


Thomas is not tough. Unlike many men, however, he accepts his cowardice, his weakness, and is better able to deal with the world on his own terms. It’s good to test your limits, but it’s also important to recognize where the flags are. a major contrast between these two is that Carol feels confidence the way someone who truly is confident does, while Thomas apes it expertly while never knowing what confidence really is. Not in most situations. He’s like a rogue with a high bluff stat. Most people can’t tell the difference between fake bravado and the real thing. The fact that Thomas understands that is another contrast in he and Carol.

I don’t have anything p[articularly interesting to rep[ort from my regular life, just com,plaints you’ve heard before, so I’ll spare you. I may have to report for jury duty soon. No idea how that’s going to work with my foot. I may need to do some sort of medical absence thing. I’m sure there is one. If they can acoomidate my foot it’s no big deal. Guess I’ll just have to see.