1277 Thing To See.


Okay, so here’s the thing about how the Teen plays Guitar Hero. When she “strums” she flicks her thumb down the clicker. I’ve never seen anyone play that way. One direction every time. My understanding is that you can strum up and down. So I’ve only ever seen people act like the clicker is a pick. I asked her about it and she said that’s how her other cousins did it so that’s how she learned, and it was too late now. It was just an odd little thing I noticed. It doesn’t seem to impede her, I just never thought about doing it a different way. I mean with most controllers there’s just the one way things work, but with a guitar one you can kind of taylor them to suit how you want to play. I even thought about making it left handed, but she held it right handed so I didn’t make an issue of it.

I’m almost done with the image I bargained with to get her the guitar. She even wrote a thank you note to include. Unfortunately one of they keys is sticky and I don’t have the requires screwdriver to ope the thing up. I have a head for one of those ones with a bunch of tips but it’s way too wide to fit into the holes. Anyway I ordered a set because I’m sick of not having them when I need them.

Anyway I’ve been in the tees room since a little while after supper because she was lonely, so that’s all the words you get I’m afraid.