1278 Graves.


My screwdrivers didn’t arrive today, so the guitar controller remains with a stuck yellow key. I have no data on how this is affecting the teen. Perhaps not at all… She seemed to be having fun in drama class today, so maybe playing at rock stardom has taken a backseat. Time will tell.

The Hiveworks tech helped me update my wordpress today. Whenever I try to update it something always goes wrong, so I just let them do it now. The dashboard looks weird, but I think I recognizer it well enough to get this page posted. A page that ends in something of a cliffhanger. This series of events is based on my real life experiences. (As are many of the events in the comic…) Stumbling upon random graves in what appears to be an empty field is not uncommon, based on my adventures. Apparently people will plant their dead wherever is handy if the situation is dire, or perhaps they don’t particularly care, either way random graveyards pepper the Midwest for whatever reason. How a person reacts to finding one depends on the factors of their life and culture. This little section deals, if not primarily at least partially, with how these two react.

My mother has always been interested in history and geneology, so I spent a lot of time as a kid wandering around graveyards with her. It may sound odd, but those are happy memories for me. I liked going on adventures with my mother and sister. I was also interested in the untold stories of all the people we walked over. It all must have played a part in my fascination with the paranormal. The lore of a culture can tell you a lot about it. At least as much as how they treat their dead. American culture, for example, is basically a doomsday cult. It’s not as destructive as some, but the basic premise is the same. The dead are waiting for a day when they wake up and everything gets peachy. A graveyard is basically a little collection of ellipses. “here lies such and such, committed to the earth until…” A collection of hopeful pauses waiting for a story that wants continuing.