989 Beating A Dead Clothes Horse.


Jo and Jess are weirdly perfect friends for one another. Jess has enough confidence for two people, likes to show off, and is generally interesting. Jo is curious, drawn to talent and intelligence, and feels safe with a stronger personality drawing all the attention away. Plus you get the feeling that Jess always wanted a little sister. Although Brooksie is aproximately the same age as her, so she’s not all that little in that respect. In any even they get along well. That was obvious enough the first time they met.

I’ve never been much for used clothes. Firstly they almost never fit me to start with, and secondly they always smell weird. Even after being washed a lot of times it seems like they never lose the smell of otherness. maybe that’s just because of my limited experience with them. I tend to wear something until I’m forced to get rid of it. By the time I get rid of a shirt it’s no longer fit for anyone to wear. Which is good in so far as I’m not wasteful. I spend a lot of time looking like I’ve been in some kind of fight though. Right now all the clothing companies are trying to squeeze every cent out of the consumer and have started cutting shirts in a really strange way that hangs on me funny. I really hate it, but they all started doing it, so my oldest shirts are precious. Soon I will have no shirts that make me feel happy to wear. There are 3 left. I can’t even wear them in public anymore since they are all but falling apart. Dark times, kids. Dark times. Now that the clothing makers know they can get more with less they won’t go back. Just like how bags of chips got smaller but cost the same then they offered bigger bags, but they weren’t really bigger. They were just taller and thinner so it looked like more. Or Cadbury eggs, they used to be bigger, then they shrank and Cadbury said “Oh they are the same size, you’re just imagining it!” Except that one famous guy saved some from the year before and took one on a talk show and proved they were lying. It doesn’t even matter that they are smaller. I mean they are just a ball of sugar. Less is probably better, but don’t say it’s the same when it clearly isn’t. That’s the crap thing about it. Chicanery!

I decided not to let myself be limited in my choices with Pokemon Black 2. Since I have most of them from White I decided to play with some late game pokemon I bred. That’s one of the worst thing about RPGs. Once you get all the best stuff the game is already almost over, so you don’t get to wander around like a force of nature very long. That feeling is less pronounced in Pokemon because the game is actually pretty well balanced. I have a Dieno, an axew, a sneasel, a Riolu, an oshawat, and a gothita. I’m not sure if the spelling of those are right. (I used to play without changing the names of pokemon, so I learned all the names of the types, but now I give them all nicknames, so I never learn the proper names. XD) The dragon types are generally pretty strong, but they still get taken out by unexpected things, like normal types with ice moves, or what have you. A bug knocked out one of them because I guess dark is weak to bug. Something like that because I’m not exactly sure what happened. I always expect bugs to suck, so when they don’t it’s a shock. Anyway, being able to trade pretty much anything into the new games early on helps ease the tedium of training the same sorts of things every time. That said, the mix of pokemon available early on is pretty diverse. If you were a new player you’d have a nice choice of types and whatnot. I’ve seen pokemon from every generation already. Running into a psyduck was surprising. They were always a favorite of mine in the early games. Since they could learn psychic moves they were a little overpowered in the original games. They could still be taken down with electricity and grass, but you could pit them against a wider range of things without worry. They made a good backup for when your main psychic guy was out.

I’m not one of those people who hate new pokemon for no obvious reason apart from I DIDN’T GROW UP WITH THEM. I didn’t like all the original ones, I don’t like all the new ones, but there are enough that I do that it doesn’t matter. The thing that always bothered me about the games is that they encourage you to use whatever pokemon you like, but punish you if you do. Because I like several bug pokemon, and they can’t compete in the endgame. That’s especially true for the older ones across the board because they’ve never been rebalanced. Some of the newer bugs are okay, but I don’t care for them. My favorite type is ghost, but they are just too easy to take out most of the time. Same with rock and ground. Basically everything I like is easy to take out. XD