1276 Hobbit Hole.


This has been one of my least productive weeks in recent memory. With all the school nonsense I’ve been stymied at every turn. I have a page of lineart to finish, two pages of color to do, a side project to get started on, and actual art on real paper that needs doing. The first two are what I’m actually late on. I like to be fully done with next week’s pages the week prior. Well, actually I like to be 3 weeks ahead of the game, but that is just a far off dream now. The other things are not on a set schedule, but I need to add them in because just doing them whenever will be a recipe for disaster come their due dates. That reminds me… I never got paid for a commission recently. I should check on that. I think I’ll do it right now. Be right back. Ok, I’m back. That’s taken care of. I have no idea how long I forgot about that. Should have checked the date.

The commissioner is, like, an editor or something on this site: Game news, and that. I like it because it’s clean and not covered in a thousand annoying ads that make noise and pop shit up. In fact, it could probably do with some more ads if anything. Maybe on the sidebars? Get some revenue going. I dunno, maybe they have a different business plan. Anyway, check it out. Maybe the clean design will catch on and make games journalism less shitty.

Just got done watching Summer Slam with the Teen. That’s why this post just kind of stops. I was so busy today I had to cram it between getting water and dinner. I also got a lot of my commission done for another guy because the Teen makes me sit I the kitchen when she cooks. Anyway I’ll post a picture of the guitar comission when I’m done. Maybe you guys will like it. Hopefully the recipient will too.

Also, remind me to tell you about the Teen playing Guitar Hero.