1275 Expectations.


I’m not sure what happened, but the PS3 quit reading discs again. I suspect dust got on the lens, but I haven’t had time to look. The amount of dust still inside that thing is pretty amazing. Every time I think I’ve cleaned it out I end up finding some new trove of filth. I’m going to have to just take it completely apart and clean it properly. As much as I’d rather not there’s just no way around it. I want to make 100% sure the fan is working too, so it’s not like I can put it off forever anyway. If nothing else, I’m thinking about installing the biggest hard drive the system is capable of holding and filling it with all my various media and/or downloaded games.

The best controller also has some kind of short in it that makes the move stick act like the shoot button sometimes. Which is a problem when you need to run and you just start randomly shooting. One of the other controllers might clean up better too, so I guess I’ll just have to see when I get a minute.

I’ve hooked the thing to external hard drives and it pretty much reads any file you throw at it as far as media goes. I was surprised by that, especially since you have to keep telling the fucking thing to actually show the files. If there’s a default show files setting I haven’t found it.

The Teen was not impressed with her first day of school. To the point that I was exasperated by the whole affair. I was lucky in so far as she didn’t keep trying to weasel out of going. I mean as much as I hated school you can count the days I missed if, from middle school to college, on one hand. It was balls, but I was there every stinking day… I even went on the day everyone makes a point to skip. It was actually relatively pleasant because all the dickheads were gone.

That was a big problem for me. School would have been a lot better if the fucks who had no interest in learning were allowed to waste their lives in whatever way they saw fit. Hopefully ways that ended in death because that many uneducated, unemployable, shits would be a real problem for everyone else later on… Kind of like how things are now, if you think about it. Just worse by an order of magnitude. (POP! POP!)

I kind of feel like this shotgun style of education might not be the way to go. Maybe early on, but after a while it seems like maybe we could do a better job of focusing on the strengths of the individual. Although if it were that easy someone would have likely done it already… In any event I feel like maybe not everyone needs to spend a lot of time in geometry. Especially once they’ve proven they have no aptitude for it. I mean you need to get the basics down and after that a person should be able to gravitate towards what they’re good at.

I dunno, I clearly don’t have the answers and probably don’t even understand the problems that well. I’m also kind of an outlier in that I seek out knowledge on my own. The right knowledge can put you way ahead of your competition in most instances, and I like having it.