447 Ninja Party.


I had a dream last night that was very similar to one I’ve had before.  I was living in an old building and had to move for some reason.  Rather than gathering up my stuff I just went into the front area and started it up like a truck.  Then I drove it through the city.  I don’t recall the particulars of the dream, just that one point…  And being worried about low bridges. 

There’s something very off putting about hearing the tweets of random people on television.  I can’t put my finger on what exactly.  Every time a news provider says they’re about to check their facebook, twitter, or what have you, I feel a twinge of rage.  If I wanted to know what sexybabe87 thinks about the economic downturn I’d follow her.  I don’t.  I want the media to tell me the facts so I can decide for myself.  Underline facts.  At some point everybody in newsrooms across the world forgot how to report objectively, without bias.  That’s a whole other thing though.