1759 Gravitational.


I remember my friends kind of shooting off all over the place, then coming back, over and over, until they got established someplace as adults. Strangely the ones who didn’t complain about the town left it the most easily and the ones who did always seemed to keep coming back with their tails tucked. The ones with the best outlooks on life seemed to go the farthest away and be the happiest too. I guess if you have a positive disposition you can cope with change better. In my case I just knew it didn’t matter where I was in the world, I’d be equally miserable anyplace, so why go somewhere and spend money for the privilege.

I don’t like densely populated areas in general. I like some people, but also enough space that I don’t hear them doing shit all the time. A little distance and, ideally, a good tall fence, would be the best. Maybe a tower so I can look down and despise people from on high… Like the internet, but in real life.