1758 Mr Satan.


I remember the moral panic about D&D although I was very young. There was a revial later on when the cartoon came on tv but it didn’t amount to much. Where I’m from D&D was still looked at warily though. Anyone outside of nerds were suspicious about it at best. The same thing happened over and over with every new thing that came out. Macic cards, pokemon, Yugioh, virtual pets, you name it. People who are afraid of magical beings see them in every new thing. We had one really evangelical church in town that was fire, brimstone, and exclusivity. Only shitty people were getting in to heaven as far as they were concerned. Honestly, if heaven is filed with assholes, the afterlife is looking pretty depressing.
My sister was friends with a girl from that church for about a week once before the girl went nuts and started teling us that we were going to hell. She then launched an harassment campaign that lasted for a couple of weeks or so. My sister was not, and is not, the kind of person who will tolerate that shit for very long so she put an end to it pretty damn quick.
I remember a few kids disrupting class because they had a problem with something a teacher said and then telling us about how it was against Jesus and blah blah blah. I didn’t know at the time that these kids were going to grow up to fuck with the separation of church and state though.