725 Thinly Veiled.


Thanks for all the location comments on Nina’s new desktop image. It’s neat to see what a wide variety of places you’re all from. The title wasn’t meant to be a question. It’s just a line from Ghostbusters that seemed appropriate, but the response was much better than people just giving me the next line, which is “Okay, the usual stuff isn’t working.”

I was out and about in the world unexpectedly today and managed to get the last of the 3 Gamestop legendary pokemon. I missed the first one, but Carl from Ginger’s Bread traded me one. Having them is supposed to unlock something at some time, in some game. I can’t recall any of the important information, but I have them in the event I bother to learn it.
I’ve always hated Nintendo events where you can get pokemon you can’t get any other way. Something about that exclusivity annoys me. I also don’t like being able to rename my pokemon. Which I why I only trade to complete the pokedex. I like having a single naming convention, decided at the start of the game, that I follow till the end. It bothers me when things don’t match in game, like when names are spelled in all caps but you didn’t know that till after you named your guy, so it looks weird every time someone references you directly. I will start a game over because of that. Sometimes it can’t be avoided. Like in Silver Bill’s PC is written BILL’S PC, but your PC follows how you named your character, so it looks normal, which is how the rest of the game is, but that one thing aggravates me to no end. Every time you access the storage system it looks like this:

Jackie’s PC


I realize this is all a little obsessive compulsive. I’ve gotten better about it over the years. Eventually you just have to accept some things and let them go. The first time I played Pokemon I didn’t nickname any of them so that if I traded for outsiders the names would match as long as my partner didn’t name theirs either. Once it got to the point where I could have more than one version of the game, and more than one Gameboy, I started naming them whatever I liked. I’m sure I mentioned it before.

No small part of why I’m excited for the new games is that the pokemon are all new. A fresh world to step in to and force strange animals to fight for me.

At this point I could know everything there is to know about the new game if I so chose. More dedicated fans than I have picked apart Japanese versions of the game and spilled its sweet, runny, innards all over the internet. Avoided these places I have. Pokemon White will be mostly a surprise to me. I want to experience that unknown again. Use pokemon I just like, regardless of how weak they will be by the end of the game. Also, in this glorious age of interconnectedness I will be able to experience it with friends my own age. Unrepentant in our childishness. This ridiculous game that gives us a common history to build on.