894 Practice Makes Perfect.


There’s a lot going on beneath the surface of this page, but I hate to talk about it and spoil you discovering it for yourselves.  This page is unique in that I almost never take another pass at a page.  I make it as best I can, and never look back…  but I was unhappy enough with parts of this one that I went back in and did them over. 

I’m 2 ponies shy of a full set of the blind bag ones.  Fluttershy & Lilly Blossom.  I’m afraid I’ll never be able to complete the set because whenever I try to get a complete set of anything something happens to prevent me from doing it.  When I collected Transformers Alternator figures Hasbro kept making them harder and harder to get.  In fact every set of anything that Hasbro has produced, that I wanted, has had at least one figure that you had to jump through hoops to get.  Which is what eventually broke me of wanting to even try.  Of course that’s probably for the best in the long run, but still.  As time has gone by Hasbro’s relationship with adult collectors has become more and more adversarial seeming, and fair enough.  For the most part adult toy collectors are terrible, terrible, people. 

As I’ve been going through my boxes several times I’ve wondered what possessed me to buy some of this stuff.  The answer is simply mania.  A frenzy of illusory importance constructed by your mind and reinforced by your friends.  I’ve never been completely broken of it.  Every so often I find a new thing to obsessively collect, watch, or what have you.  At the moment it’s 30 Rock and these pony figures.  What the next thing is is any boy’s guess. 

I did see the Transformers Prime Wheeljack at the store. It’s the only figure I want from that line, but I couldn’t get it because ponies…  That was a strange moment.