893 A Generous Spirit.


I’m not sure how many of you have noticed, but the website has been redirecting to betweenfailures.net for some time now.  It’s not because I wanted to rebrand or anything like that.  No, it’s because we here at Between Failures made the mistake of updating wordpress.  For those of you who don’t run a website, or use wordpress, or any of it’s offshoots, I will explain.  Every so often Worpress updates various things for security, or what have you, and then you break your website by installing them.  It… it’s all- ha ha- good fun really. 

Anyway, the .com has been down since we tried the update.  Which is why the site looked all fucked up.  The .net is sort of an imperfect copy of the .com.  Some of the errors that are woven into the main site don’t exist here, and vice versa.  For reasons unknown the .net wouldn’t allow us to format the collumns the way we wanted.  That problem was fixed only today.  Unfortunately it took long enough that our ad revenues have been badly damaged.  That was the most unfortunate part of the whole affair.  The last few times the site was broken it was able to limp along while not losing much value.  Ad placement is very important though.  Hopefully things will trend upwards again before long. 

As near as I can tell the site itself is loading properly, and as quickly as it can.  It’s hard for me to test accurately as my service is so dismal.  If nothing else no one has been contacting me to complain.  Of course it’s possible that they couldn’t mail me because the link was broken for ages beofe i figured out how to fix it…  Although I’m available on practically every site on the internet, and do nothing to hide my instant messenger accounts.  If people wanted to talk to me I’m ridiculously easy to reach.  Unless they wanted to call me.  I have no phone. 

At this point I’m not sure what version of the site will continue to be the main one.  For now .net is stable and functioning properly.  If I can get .com going again maybe I’ll change the redirect.  At this point all I really need is to make it so the RSS feed isn’t dependant on either of the sites to be working so people don’t have to keep updating their links.  I’m not real sure how many peple use the RSS though.  I’ve only had two complaints, but honestly that’s two more than I would have expected.  I’ve never been one to use RSS so I often forget about it.  Not maliciously, it just doesn’t register since I’m not constantly looking at it. 

Now that the ads are properly aligned again I’m not nearly as stressed about the whole affair.  The rest of it can be repaired slowly, as time allows.  I just have to refrain from fiddling with anything on the .net.  As long as it stays sound everything is fine.  Knock on wood.