892 No Touchy Touchy.


I got some help on this page from the cat who draws Bandit’s Quest.  Help which I almost totally ignored after it was given, but help none the less. 

There aren’t many pages where you can see the entirety of a character.  I can only think of 3 counting this one.  Panning back very far just creates a lot of dead space that I am then compelled to fill with things I’m not nearly as interested in drawing as people.

I saw Batman: Gotham Knight finally.  It was surprisingly better than I expected.  There wasn’t too much influence from the movie series it’s meant to be a bridge for.  Some of the animation styles were crappy, but whatever.  Kevin Conroy was the voice of Batman, which pretty much sells any Batman story for me.  The voice doesn’t really fit the ultra anime prettyboy they made him in one clip, but again, whatever.  The most disappointing thing about the whole thing was the first story, which was INCREDIBLY similar in structure to an episode of the animated series.  A group of kids are telling tales of seeing Batman, and embellishing.  Which ends with Batman finish his fight in front of the kid who had never seen him and had no story to tell.  Honestly it doesn’t matter.  DC owns the rights to the whole damn thing so it’s just down to me being nerdy about the affair.  It just made that first part seem like a rehash of something I’d seen. 

On the whole it was a solid watch.  To the point that I’ll keep an eye out for when it hits the $5 bins.  It would go nicely with my other Batman videos.

I have not had a chance to play the new Batman game.  Partly because I have several games I’m playing already, but mostly because of the cost.  It’s always a problem for me because I miss out on the shared experience.  What I need is friends who love games, but are also thrifty.  So I can talk about Batman, Skyward Sword, Mass Effect 3, and so on, many months later when they have a price drop, or I can get them used.