891 More Than A Handful.


I was having a really strange dream when I woke up, but the sound of wind caused me to forget it. I just have this knowledge that is was a fucked up dream and that’s it. The wind that woke me up was quite strong. It’s torn up a lot of stuff around here. Such as the power pole in my parent’s back yard. It’s also kicked up a huge amount of dust. It’s super dry around here and it’s come close to being a full on dust storm a few times today. Even inside the house there’s a thin layer of dust on everything. Not regular house dust. Gritty outside dust. Plus, you can smell it. Every breath pulls moisture from your lungs. It’s unpleasant.

I never did find those sketch cards. Tore up everything looking for them. So you pony fans will likely be getting pages from my sketchbooks instead. I have other paper around, but I don’t like it. I’m gonna box it all up and send it to other artists because we are all poor and should share.

The other night I saw someone call the John Carter movie Star Wars for a new generation. Here’s the thing: it just isn’t. That phrase is trotted out every few years and it’s always for some movie that has no business being associated with Star Wars. And I’m not saying Star Wars is fine art, or anything. It absolutely isn’t. At some points it’s genuinely terrible, but it’s still apart from other things in the way it changed movies.

The last time I heard that phrase it was because of The 5th Element. While it is a gloriously terrible movie it’s hardly worthy of being compared to Star Wars. It’s practically a romantic comedy, and certainly more a deconstruction of the genre than an earnest attempt at it.

John Carter might even be a good sci fi movie. It might be great, but it’s not the next Star Wars. It just isn’t. Shit, even the new Star Wars aren’t the new Star Wars. They’re written like fanfiction for the original films.