890 Family Plot.


Fuckbunnies. I forgot to pain Thomas’s chest hair. >:| I’ll get to that after I’m done inking this new page…

It’s always a little odd when I finally get to part of the story that I wrote a long time ago because it’s been in my head so long it’s weird to have it out. Over time you start to forget what you’ve said and what you haven’t. I’m so much closer to this that you guys that it’s harder for me to realize that a given character hasn’t been on screen in a while, or what have you. They’re with me all the time, so I never miss them. Whenever someone says “it’s been a while since we’ve see X.” it’s a little surprising to me, until I think about it.

Anyway, I’ve been playing Mario 3D Land. It’s surprisingly easy. Way easier than New Super Mario Brothers, for either system. At least the first quest is. You can seriously finish the game in 2 or 3 sittings if you’re good. That’s with collecting ALL the special coins too. After you beat the main story you save Luigi and he becomes playable. (Instead of the tanuki suit he wears a kitsune suit if he gets a magic leaf, which was a REALLY nice touch if you know the Japanese mythology to do with both animals.) So far the special stages aren’t very taxing either, but the coins are harder to locate sometimes. In any event it ended up being a better game than I expected from the first few levels. The difficulty between stages is really uneven though. Which is uncommon for a Mario game.

I won’t reveal it here, but my extended family has a strange naming convention. Their names rhyme. And I’ve certainly heard of many families who went ahead and got “creative” with their names too. Of course it doesn’t really seem to make a lot of difference what you name someone. Even people with good names do evil things, and people with insane names rise to positions od power. Just look at our presidential race.

Naming a kid with a crazy name is going to affect their life though. Of course naming them Mike is going to present a whole other set of problems, so you’re dicked either way. My only advice is to avoid fanboy naming. Because I never want to meet Chewbacca Johnson. Well, actually, I might have to change that to I hope I meet Chewbacca Johnson. He’d have a lot of interesting stories, I bet.

Craziest name I can think of off the top of my head of a person I met was a little kid named Callel. Pronounced like Superman’s birth name. His dad really liked Superman. Like, more than a friend.