1701 Pretty Expensive.


Honestly I don’t know if this is just my limited experience or a commonality, but no one is ever truly happy with whatever version of D&D exists at any given time. TYhey even alter the version they like best to suit their own tastes, which is fine. If you’re going to play as imaginary people the rules are only as important as you make them. The last Time I bought a set of D&D books they had just published… third edition? I’ll have to look it up. Yeah, I think that’s the one. Anyway, I remember people being really annoyed because it was really simplified in several ways in an attempt to, I assume, be more accessible to new players. The primary thing I remember old player disliking was the removal of THAC0 (To Hit Armor Class 0) which I could never grasp however hard people tried. The new version seemed much more straightforward to me, but at the same time the books kind of lacked some of the soul of the older ones. They had the gloss of whoever had bought the company. I think wizards of the coast, but I cant remember anymore. That said, I still liked the unity on some level to the artwork and general aesthetic. Basically I liked the old and the new for various reasons and that’s just fine. Of course after never really getting to make use of any of the books I didn’t buy anything else, and haven’t for all this time. It’s just one of those things I’m drawn to but have never been able to experience in any meaningful way. When 5th edition came out a friend sent me a pdf of the new books, which I may still have on file someplace, but at that time reading pdfs was still annoying as fuck. Now it would be a lot easier to load them in to something and just read them like a normal book. At that time I was pretty deep in whatever crisis was going on with the comic so I have very little recollection of the general fan reaction to the new changes. I just vaguely remember grumbling.

Ironically the discord server I started has its own little roleplaying group that was still going strong the last time I looked in on them.

Anyway whatever. I went on a podcast last night which you can listen to here. I don’t start until 20 minutes in and until then it’s all a bunch of admin that meant virtually nothing to me and likely won’t mean anything to you either unless you’re already a listener. The levels are also really quiet so you’ll have to turn your sound way up, so be careful if you wear headphones and it looks like another ad will start playing. Additionally, my voice always sounds higher than it actually is when I’m recorded, plus it sounds like I have a lisp for some reason. I can’t even begin to imagine what caused that. If you cut out my verbal ticks my actual speaking time is probably cut in half, but without structure I spend a lot of time sorting out my thoughts and stalling with likes, and you knows, which gets tedious. At any rate it’s there if you want to hear it. If the views so far are any indication no one does. XD

The main host is a guy I’ve kind of known for a really long time actually. We very briefly touch on where we met at one point and I had essentially forgotten about the old collective we mentioned until he brings it up. That was at least 7 years ago I would guess. maybe more. I rarely get to talk to anyone still in the game from back then so I rarely think about those times.