1700 Piggyback.


1700 is a lot. Although in reality I’ve made more pages than that. In fact, here’s one I did on the fly because of the new Zelda game.

When I was little I wanted to make animation. Then I realized how you have to draw essentially the same thing over and over, which I didn’t like, so I decided to do something else. Then I ended up essentially doing that anyway in one way or another. Of course I’m glad I didn’t choose to try animation because the industry went into fits when computers came along and fucked all the old ways up. It’s a real shame to be part of one of those generations lost to the upheaval of progress. I know of a lot of people who wanted to do old style animation who basically never got the chance because the techniques took too long and didn’t make money fast enough. Now computer animation is finally really starting to circle back around and properly mimic hand drawn, but it’s too late for a whole generation of artists who are now grinding away their talents in regular jobs. You don’t get to choose the when and how a lot of the time. Mostly you only get to choose how you’ll react to those things. War comes, peace comes, progress comes, and people adapt. Adaptability is a very useful trait to cultivate in yourself, because no matter what else happens you will always need to adapt.