1469 Take My Time.


This line was so romantic to me I came this close to upending all the stuff I have planned just so Thomas could suddenly propose to Carol. It wouldn’t be completely out of character for him to suddenly decide something like that, but I talked myself out of it because overall its not the right way to do things. It would have been fun though. Still, I want their relationship to evolve over time. One of the reasons that the first arc is the day they got together is because I wanted the rest of the story to be everything after the happy ending. Movies and stuff tend to end with the start of the relationship and we have to fill in the blanks ourselves. Or shows like Moonlighting fall apart once the will they won’t they aspect is spent. I wanted a story that started with they did and built from there. Of course the story is the story of all of the cast, but as far as these two go it’s can I tell the story of the love that comes after the passion and make it compelling.
Apparently I can on some level. Not a level that equates to great success, but better than most.

Every creator expresses their obsessions through their work. I have always been obsessed with romance of the kind I write about, which is probably why I never experience it. Or rather experienced it only once. I sometimes think I wouldn’t be able write about love if I was actually happily in love. The want of it make me capable of seeing it in that unrealistic way that makes love worth reading about. Although in reality I’m probably just too miserable a piece of shit to be worthy of love and everything else is happenstance.

A lot of people have tried to get me to admit that Carol is my Galatea. I don’t know why its so important to them, but its true in as much as all the female characters have characteristics I like, even Evrina. Carol isn’t Galatea, the comic is. Of course if my kiss suddenly made it real I don’t know what I would do. Or why I was kissing it in the first place.