1449 Unconditional.


No one has ever really brought it up, but Brooksie is an odd person to be on her own. She has nearly crippling social anxiety, and anxiety in general. Although she has improved over time, you can put that up to having a good support structure now. One might think, however, that it’s odd that she doesn’t live with her family still. Especially since her father died young. You’d think that she’d be closer with her mother… Except she’s not.
When I wrote this I suddenly empathized in a way with lgbt people I hadn’t before. You hear stories of people getting disowned but it didn’t really click in my head. The idea of disowning someone over something as ridiculous as sexuality is so alien to me it never felt real, if you follow me. Actually having Jo imply that things between her and her mother were strained made me feel it. For someone like her the betrayal and abandonment must be incredibly painful. Feeling safe is a big part of helping control anxiety. Losing the support of your only parent… that’s cruel.
Jo is tougher than even she knows though, and you can build a family out of whoever loves you.