1450. Zan And Jayna.


Well, I finally completed my King Of The Hill DVD set. As inconsequential as that is in the grand design it made me really happy. KOTH is up there in my top all time favorite shows. Also it’s a show that helps me feel calm and happy. I can fall asleep to it but I also laugh and enjoy it. It also makes me think that Texas isn’t all that bad… maybe. It really seemed like the series was never going to be completed for several years. Of course you can get a lot of this stuff on streaming services, or save them to disc, or whatever, but I still like having a hard copy. Also, as I collected the new sets I saw some episodes I never saw on tv. Tom Petty plays Luanne’s husband in the late seasons, which is really fun. It’s a real shame that Brittany Murphy died. It doesn’t rule out an anniversary special, or something, but it wouldn’t be the same without her.

One of these days I should probably finish off the Family Guy sets, but since they are on Netflix I have a hard time bringing myself to care. It’s a fun show, but I don’t love it the same way as KOTH or Dr Katz. I actually enjoy all the Seth Mc Farlan cartoons, but it’s the same thing. All on Netflix. Actually I wonder how many sets of Bob’s Burgers are available. Maybe I should go that route first. Those are on Netflix and hulu too, but I know I want to own those until I die.

I finally managed to get some of the places in my back to pop back in. I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my back, especially when I try to sleep. Hopefully it’ll start to sort itself out now. My shoulder has a weird clicking sound in it still, but maybe that’ll work out now too. I felt a lot less terrible after my back popped so maybe that was part of what was making me feel so bad. It doesn’t seem to be related to my medications as far as I can tell. The dizziness seems to be down to sinus inflammation, but that it’s getting better with the Flonase so far. I also got that shit in my eye on accident, which was the worst. Don’t do that. It sucks.