1045 Fuck That Cake.


I got a dremmel for Christmas. I was always wishin I had one. Every time I turned around I was like “If I had a dremmel I could fix this…” Now I do and I can’t remember a single damn thing I needed it for. I know I’ll run across them again, but it’s kind of irritating because I know things ALREADY exist that I wanted to dremmel the shit out of. Now I’ll probably remember them after some new thing comes along and jogs my memory.

Truth be told I don’t know how to use a dremmel. In fact, I’m not sure I’m even spelling it right. What that means is that at some point when i have a spare moment, and my net connection is working properly, I will watch videos about how to properly dremmel. Hopefully I can find one that tells me what all the various tips can do. I almost bought MORE tips on clearance just because I didn’t have them, but then I was like “I don’t even know what the ones I have are for…” So I do not have 3 other, very intimidating looking, dremmel tips.

My cheap soldering iron is kind of in the same category as the dremmel. Except I’ve already watched some vids and fixed one thing with it. I don’t have any solder, but the circut bord I wanted to fix had a bunch on it already, so I just used that. It’s not a very precise tool. For 5 bucks it’s basically a stick of metal with a power cord stuck on, but it got the job done.

I came up with a super good idea for a television show the other night. Good enough that I won’t tell you about it. Yeah… so good I won’t talk about it on the internet. The problem is I don’t know what to do now. Where does one go with a good idea like this? I don’t want to actually make the show myself. I just want to sell the idea to other people, have my name stuck on it, and walk away counting my money. The American dream, essentially. I get paid while other people do all the hard stuff.

Recently I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about people having ideas stolen. The creative world is a trecherous place indeed. Much like the world in general really… In any event there are a thousand knives poised inches above your back the second you come up with a decent concept. If they were literal knives the streets would be littered with the corpses of writers and artists. Which would at least thin out the marketplace, I guess. Silver lining…

I shouls probably write my idea down. I only remebered it again just now. it could have been lost to the ether. Of course since I’m ill prepared to do anything with it it hardly matters, but whatever.