1046 Downright Disturbing.


My friend Amber did two pages of the comic when I asked for help a while back. This is the first of them, obviously. I thought them both so clever that I decided to evevate them to the status of canon. Her medium of choice is not pixels and she actually sent me the physical portions of these pages. I have to say that the scanned pages do not do the watercolors justice. They are exceptionally beautiful. It is a shame that they can’t be passed to each one of you that you might look upon them with your own eyes. The scans will have to do. For my part I intend to have the image framed so I can have it on my wall to remind me of this gesture of friendship.

Our relationship kind of reminds me of a movie. I forget the name, but it’s a British guy and an American lady who become friends over several years strictly through letters. Man what is it called…? It’s the guy from Silence Of The Lambs. 84 Charing Cross Road! Anyway, it’s a really good movie. You all should totally watch it. In fact I won’t spoil the story for you. I will say, however, that I hope my relationship with Amber doesn’t end the same way as the one does in the movie.

May as well tell you what I remember about this dream I had the other day. I was walking around with Fes from the Webcomic Beacon and Danielle Corsetto (sp?) of Girls With Slingshots. We were in a slightly wooded area and it was fallish. Cold, moist, the smell of the wet rotting leave was in the air. You know, that sweet smell of maple leaves slowly turning into cold dirt. Fes seemed to be a third wheel and eventually she and I left him to do some other thing he was interested in. She walked and talked with me in a sort of mall style gallery for a long time about art, comics, and related matters. Then I woke up.

I know Fes from his podcast, but we’re not bested friends or anything. I think I’ve only seen one actual picture of him. Still, him being in my dream makes much more sense than Corsetto because I am very familiar with his voice and personality. I don’t know her at all, don’t read her comic, have never heard her voice, or obviously seen video of her. I think I’ve played Words With Friends with her and seen her facebook profile pic. In this case words with friends is very much straining the definition of the word. If nothing else I’m not her enemy. Why my brain chose to make her the voice of sage advice is well beyond me.

I don’t put much stock in the significance of dreams, but I have to say it made me curious about her. If she is even half as smart as the dream version my brain concocted then I very much do want to be her friend. I know how that sort of thing goes though. You don’t make friends upwards in webcomics. You make friends downwards or with equals. Only on very rare occasions do people become friends outside their class, and I’m guessing she’s outside of mine. That said, it would certainly make for a great story years from now. Oh, how did you meet, J.T.? Well, he had a dream about me and instead of geting a restraining order I decided to become his friend.

Perhaps not…