1815 Well Played.


Okay, firstly I want to announce the Between Failures Wiki, which has basically been the work of one fan to document this whole world I’ve conjured. It’s a much better resource than the cast page by far. He’s still working on it, but there’s enough to enjoy and today is a good day to announce it. Errant is the username of the creator on the Discord server, if you happen to go there. Give him a thanks if you enjoy all his effort.

Also, as since I bring up the Discord server, I want to apologize to SolarDWagon for the negative interaction he had with me the other day. If he happens to stumble into the blog. He managed to find one of my rage triggers that made me act uncharacteristically severely. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s always a bad time. I should have taken a step back, but in my fury I used my powers unfairly. So, if you happen across this note, my bad. I’m human too & you stumbled into a situation where I was already primed to be angry and got the brunt of it which you didn’t deserve.

That said. if you go into the politics channel and start threatening to block people because you don’t like what you’re hearing you can expect me to get furious real quick. I let people say all kinds of outrageous shit in there all the time. It’s all in there to see.
But if your response to the discussion is to plug your ears and scream “blah blah blah not listening!” I get instantly furious.

It’s a rough room, but we still manage to remain very civil, especially in terms of the usual discourse of the internet.