957 The Dark Side Is The Snark Side.


Nintendo is offering New Super Mario Brothers 2 as a digital download. However, they sweetened the deal by offering 100 bonus coins for the Mario Club if you get it that way. I really don’t like not having a physical copy of games, but I do like getting random shitty merch for being a loyal customer, and hope that someday better things will be offered.

Recently they started offering games for download in exchange for coins. Which would be great if they didn’t limit you to 3 choices. Still, it’s better than a stylus, or a set of playing cards, neither of which I have any use for. I guess they are kind of headed in the right direction… Nintendo has been dragging its feet for a long time over basically everything. It reminds me very much of how the print industry has been trying desperately to change their grim fate.

I have been watching Black Dynamite on Adult Swim and it is fantastic. The movie it’s based on is funny too, but being a cartoon blew the doors off of the idea. I was a little kid in the general time frame the show is set in, so I have hazy memories of the world being that way. It’s almost like watching my meories being translated into a show. Except ninjas weren’t a big thing back then. I don’t remember when Ninjas became a thing actually. Kung Fu guys sure, but not ninjas the way we think of them now. They must have been in movies back then, but I guess I didn’t see them. The ones I remember were more like Shaolin guys.

When did ninjas get popular? The 80′s? I vaguely remember the Ninja Turtles appearing, but they’re so far removed… there must have been some part of the culture I can’t remember that popularized the ninja, pre turtles. There was a ninja robot in Transformers I think. Huh, I never really thought about it till now. It was like Kung Fu guys then one day Ninjas. Maybe I can research it…