956 Imagine.


I unwisely responded to a facebook request for Simcity Social. It’s really the worst kind of internet fremium game. It’s similar, however, to the SNES version of Simcity, in its simplicity at least. I was never much for The tax junk and what have you, but I liked doing the money cheat and just building my city however I liked. In my opinion, Sims games are better broken. Without some kind of cheat going the gameplay is a little too slow and stale, which sometimes strikes me as stalling the player to increase play time. That point is debatable for sure. In any event this exposure to Simcity again has caused me to want to play a real one that I don’t have to keep paying for over and over. Twitter and Facebook have been all but useless for deciding what version to track down. So I turn to you, dear readers, for advice. Some of you must play Simcity. What version is best, and why? Will they work on Windows 7? Educate me if you please.

Did I tell you guys I got Pokemon Conquest? I don’t think I did. Anyway, it’s super good. It’s very much like the Pokemon game I always hoped they would make. Each warrior can have a certain number of Pokemon, but you only take one into battle. 6 warriors can take part in a battle on either side. There’s a ton of warriors you can recruit and each one has a certain Pokemon who is their best match. So you not only have to catch them all, but catch all the trainers too. There’s a limited number of spaces though, so you have to take control of land to have more space for trainers. There’s also the matter of catching Pokemon and evolving them. There’s a lot to keep track of. You can delegate tasks to your subordinates once you finish micro managing, so you don’t spend all your time doing fiddly stuff, like fighting pokemon you already have.
The actual battles require other levels of planning because the various moves different pokemon have vary in range and area of effect. So if you are in a tight space long range moves can’t be used. It’s important to have a balanced team if you are going to a new place. That way you don’t end up with a group of guys who can’t attack anything.
One of the funniest things is that several warriors start out with Magikarp, and it’s just as useless as ever. So far they’ve only known Splash. Splash doesn’t even have an area of effect. It does nothing. Just like it always does. Some Magikarp have a decent support ability that increases energy for all surrounding Pokemon, but not all of them. So you kind of need to rearm those guys. Anyway, it made me laugh as a fan of the series from the start. Magikarp still sucks. XD I can only assume that Gyrados eventually makes up for that.