1816 Restructuring.


I forgot what day it was for a while so didn’t load this until, like, two minutes before post time.

Earlier today I had some pizza rolls, which are a very rare treat. I bit in to one and the juice spilled on to my chin. It was so hot that it actually burned me badly. I didn’t realize how bad until I touched my chin and a huge blister burst all over my finger. It was surprising because it didn’t really hurt and still doesn’t very much. Anyway, I put some ointment on it so it would heal faster.

The office where I go to the dentist got infected with that bad flu that’s going around, so my appointment was cancelled. I’m gonna stay away from there for a while because I’m not getting that shit. The husband of one of the secretaries had loss of limb control and brain problems because of that strain. It’s some bullshit. Even though I got the vaccine it’s not as effective this year, so I don’t want to take any chances. That cold screwed me up plenty bad enough. I don’t want the brain worms and that too.

Also, I made a desktop from my latest patreon submission. It’s cropped from the full image but you guys can have it to enjoy.