1441 Tummy Lickin’ Good.


Tummies are great. I try to enjoy them whenever I can.

I intend to draw up the promised image of Nina tonight if I can. I need to sketch another page at least, and ink it if I can keep myself going. I might just start from the sketch layer and alter the drawing from there rather than try to add to it as it is. From day to day my ability to draw fluctuates and she might end up with a Monday torso and a Sunday butt.

The paint program that goes with Manga Studio has been on sale for a few days and I almost bought it, but I finally decided not to because I suck at coloring and stuff. That program isn’t going to make a lot of difference in what I can do compared to what I have now. I’m just being lured in by the sale. I have so much more art problems I could fix before I worry about painting…

Man, the desire to sleep just hit me super hard. I think i’ll see if I can sleep for a while then do as much work as I can when I wake up. I’ll be fresher and faster then.