1440 Glenda.


Well, you guys have spoken. As soon as time permits I will present the extended panel 3 from page 1439. I hope you can stand a little delayed gratification. XD

I’ll be writing up the next part of Julius Drywood and the Riddle Of Stone this evening because, like a fool, I didn’t make time for it earlier in the month. With all the issues with the c pap screwing up my sleep patterns and whatnot I had a really hard time with scheduling. I hope October turns out better.

By the way, the first 4 panels are references to anime/manga. Good luck guessing them all.

I’m starting to thing what’s making me so dizzy isn’t my allergies, or maybe isn’t just my allergies. Pretty much every drug I take now has the first side effect of dizziness. It’s just constant now. No matter what I’m doing I always feel off balance. I’ve tried putting in ear drops, various allergy medicines, and nothin g helps. I’m starting to feel like Lucile 2. (you’ve reached the complaint portion of the blog.) When it’s really bad I even have a hard time drawing properly. The space behind my eyes always feel dry. Even when I put eye drops in. It’s like no amount of water can make my eyes not dry anymore. I am so sick of being sick. At the moment the only thing that seems to be actually fixing a problem is soaking my feet in salt water. I almost have regular people heels. It takes a lot of that salt though.

I really want to do a special Halloween comic with Alexandria’s fursona this year, but I don’t think I can work fast enough right now. If I were sleeping just a little better it would be one thing, but I’m such a fucking mess right now I fall asleep when I try to work and am wide awake when I want to sleep.

I used to listen to Bill Cosby when I was really feeling bad about stuff, and I still haven’t found anything to take his place. I recently tried listening to some sermons. I actually like listening to church services of all types as long as they aren’t about being shitty to other people. Unfortunately after about two sermons I hit a wave of homophobia that hasn’t abated. I also don’t like southern preachers. Ideally I would like a calm voiced British preacher who is live and let live about things. Anyway, this podcast I found is just a feed of sermons that come from all over so you never know what you’re going to get.