1435 It’s The Part I Was Born For!


Be careful Nina, you’re a pilgrim in an unholy land.

Nina found a work around for being a bit too much woman for the Lincoln’s towels. Just use twice as many. I actually tested this to see if it would work. My shoulders are probably broader than Nina’s and I got the cris cross to hold well enough to move carefully. She’s plenty graceful enough to pull it off I think. You have to flip the towel over one shoulder, pull it around your back, then up into the first bit. Itdoesn’t look nearly as good on me…

I’m still getting accustomed to my new cpap mask. It does what it’s supposed to, but it really messes up my sleep patterns. Basically it’s 4 hours of sleep, wide awake for 4 hours, then 4 more hours of sleep and some change. The problem is that I can’t really tell how tired I am anymore. I’ll be fine for a bit then I just wilt with no warning. It’s kind of like I’m relearning how to sleep since I’ve been doing the apnea thing for a very long time potentially. I don’t move in my sleep now, so I’m really sore sometimes and have to lie on the floor for a while to fix my back. It must be helping though because I can feel my toes. like, I’m aware I can, which is abnormal. I haven’t been able to actually feel if I have athlete’s foot for as long as I can remember. There just wasn’t enough pain most of the time to notice, but now it hurts and it’s enough that I notice. Some mornings my foot is even foot shaped before I get out of bed, which hasn’t happened for almost a year? I’m also more alert and think more clearly. Instead of not being able to think of the word I want to use at all it comes to me after a bit. I’ve had significant lethalogica for so long I just thought it was from getting older, but maybe it’s not getting enough oxygen when I sleep that is the cause.

It’s still pretty hot or cold though. I either feel really good, or really bad. There’s no middle ground to speak of. It’s like a switch and I haven’t figured out how to tell when it’s going to flip. I’m still affected by heat to the point that I can’t be active anyplace that isn’t cool. I recover faster now, and my body will try to sweat now, but not enough to offset or overcome the heat. When I was younger I would sweat from my head when I was overheating. I mean it would literally pour down my face. It was unpleasant, but it got the job done. For whatever reason my body can’t seem to manage that anymore. It’s more like condensation now. It doesn’t cool me off right. I may be slightly dehydrated from my medication, but it’s hard to keep the balance on that.

My allergies are still destroying me, but on average I feel better than I have in a while. Just in little spurts.

Today I decided to risk going to town because I haven’t been out in a while. It was too hot, but I managed to go to Gamestop and Walmart briefly. I found the Splatoon amiibo 3 pack finally, so I got the Ika amiibo at long last without having to pay $100 for it. Of course now I have spare inklings, but since I’ll sell them for a reasonable price they won’t be around long. I’m not out to dick anyone over on them. I kept the single boxes So I can at least send them out in those.
I wanted to look at the Star Wars toys for a while but by the time I got to Walmart I was skirting the edges of safety. I had to book it to the truck and get cooled down. I doubt seriously that there’s going to be a shortage of star Wars merch for a while. Of course some collectors are just too dumb to realize the modern stuff will likely never be valuable like the classic stuff was. Scarcity doesn’t really factor in if every neckbeard in the country has a storage unit full of carded figures…
I like the look of the bad guy. He reminds me of Revan from KOTOR. The likeness on Finn, I think the name is, seems a little off. He looks like Tracy Jordan in some of the sculpts… Which is actually kind of awesome. I wish one of them looked like Liz Lemon now…