1434 Cracker Uncle.


Texas… What is there to say about Texas? I think, on balance, the average Texas is a good person. Much like the average Kansan. There is, however, a minority of motivated individuals Hell bent on making Texans look like assholes by way of their actions. If you want to find a culprit for the gradual retardation of our public schools you don’t need to look much further than Texas. Their board of education has been single mindedly trying to hamper American excellence for many years. Successfully, I would add. Even the digital age has failed to loosen their grip on the purse strings of textbook manufacturers. We will be “teaching the controversy” for a long while still, I shouldn’t wonder. I wonder what it is in the makeup of an asshole that gives them the drive to impose their beliefs on others. My guess would be fear. Fear that what they believe could possibly be wrong. The notion that they’ve been living by arbitrary rules cannot be reconciled in their minds, so they develop an intense need to be proven right through imposing their beliefs on others. A certain level of fluidity in the mind makes change much easier to accept. In science once you are proven wrong, ideally, you accept the new paradigm and move on. Of course scientists are humans too, so sometimes that’s not how things go. The cold reality of data stands regardless of what we decide to believe in. It’s better to govern based on what can be proven rather than what might possibly happen in some post life alternate reality we can’t verify. Which is likely why the constitution was constructed in the manner it was. In order to live freely, as people of different faiths, we can’t ever be allowed to impose our beliefs on the population at large. Your job shouldn’t require you to do something you don’t agree with, but rather than throw a tantrum it might serve the public better if you simply excuse yourself from the proceedings and find someone who can fulfill the abhorrent task in your stead.

If you want to have a Christmas tree on the lawn of the capital building you have to smile and take your medicine when a group of Islamists want to have a display of whatever holiday finery it is they have. Everybody gets to celebrate, or nobody does.

Anyway, lets put that aside for now. I’m going to try and go back to some games I didn’t complete since I’m in one of those times where the new hardware is too expensive for me to have. So I’m going to try and finish all my WiiU games basically. I’ve pretty much completed the xbox library and haven’t really delved into the ps3 catalog, so best to try and avoid piling more on as long as I can. Of course I’m still actively playing Splatoon, so I’ll have to play Mario when I’m sick of cursing at the television…