1433 Love Thy Neighbor.


I feel pretty safe that a large portion of Kansas is going to be on the wrong side of history for the foreseeable future. I love Kansas in a geographic sense, but the people… they run the same range of cool to crappy they do everywhere. I’ve lived in Colorado a long time now and I have to say the racism is much more pronounced here, which makes it easier to deal with in some ways. If you know something is there it’s easier to do something about it. When people are subtle about it you may start to think everything is cool, while they are secretly carrying out their evil plans. Religious bigotry is still a big deal in Kansas. How can it not be as the birthplace of the Westboro Baptist church? It sits about 3 miles from the state capital. Coincidence? You be the judge. Or actually they will be. For everyone. In a very mean way. At least they’re wearing their bigotry where everyone can see it…

I’ve held off talking about any money stuff for a while because of all the hospital stuff and fundraiser. I would like to point to the Nina link in the sidebar. Several patrons have had their pledges declined for a few months, so I want to drum up some interest if I can. If you’re a patron you might want to check your account to see if things are still working. Also, as long as I’m at it, if you donated to the go fund me and didn’t claim any rewards I’m still accepting them if you changed your mind. If not that’s fine too. betweenfailures{at}Hotmail{dot}com if you want to contact me about any of that stuff. Just make the subject something to do with Patreon or Gofundme so I can sort them. I’m thinking of adding a pledge level where you can get a drawing a month, instead of just a sketch, but I’ll have to decide if I’m at a point where I can work fast enough yet. I still haven’t rebuilt my buffer from the various disasters yet.

The Teen had a birthday party this weekend. It was a harsh reminder of how loud a group of young people can be. I think I’ll let her talk about that in more detail when next she posts.

I actually had a nightmare last night. It was the first dream I remembered in a long time. After I woke up I decided I didn’t want to remember it, so I let myself forget. Makes for a boring story, but I stand by my choice.

Every other cartoonist has been posting about Mario Maker. I have a really hard time with creative stuff like that. As soon as I start making a level for Smash Bros, or what have you, my brain starts reminding me that I should be making my own comic better. Because of this I didn’t buy the game… (also I couldn’t afford it.) I’d basically make one mediocre level and never be able to go back to the game. By the time I convince myself I can enjoy Mario Maker everyone will be over it. Which is why I probably won’t ever get it. If I break down next month and buy it I give you permission to berate me without mercy.

Anyway, I’ll see you guys in the comments.