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I don’t like pancakes. I’ll eat them if it comes to nothing else, but they never have done a thing for me. Eggs, sausage, ect, I don’t care for that kind of breakfast food. Hash browns are okay, depending on how you make them. I do like biscuits and gravy if the gravy isn’t too meaty. If I’m gonna eat pancakes I prefer molasses or peanut butter. I can’t get into maple syrup. Whipped cream I actually think is a little gross. When it comes on stuff I try to get someone else to eat it off for me. When people get excited about Ihop I’m like, meh. Carol is the opposite of all of that. Obviously.

The teen bought me another Scooby Lego, but I have to build it before she goes to sleep.

Teen Corner:

hello world I’m not sure if any of you remember but I am now talking to you as a sophisticated 17 year old. who am I kidding me sophisticated? yeah right. but I am now another year older. I had a sleepover birthday party which was pretty fun but all we really did was eat to much and watch movies. we also played a little truth or dare. not to exciting really but I got an awesome sapphire heart ring ive been begging for, 50 bucks, 30 dollars in google play cards and I saved the best for last…wait for it…a PS3!! I’m pretty pleased with all my awesome gifts. I had my first volleyball game on my birthday and we kicked ass so that was great. I bought Jackie a Scooby go lego set with part of my birthday money which he seems happy with. I spent all day in garden city helping my sister find jeans and by that I mean wandering around Walmart avoiding helping her. I know I’m so mean but I mean really? I have to waste my sunday on this? I think not. I did however get ice cream out of it. I had a volley ball game yesterday and we got our asses kicked so that sucked but oh well. I’m super tired and cant think straight so speak to you all another night bye interwebs peeps!