1341 Ears.


I cant remember if I said that I went to the doctor again. I did, and my infection is doing better. My blood pressure is way down from where it was as well. I’m still having some problems with sitting in certain kinds of chairs and stuff, but I’m adapting to sitting, and working, on the floor. My left arm is going to be very strong from holding the tablet for hours at a time. It’s not heavy, but holding anything steady for long periods works the muscle. I hold it kind of like a palette. So it’s like I’m perpetually dipping in for paint. Makes me wish I could paint in these programs like Bob Ross. I’ve seen so many of those shows I bet I could paint a happy little landscape.

I got my Marth Amiibo from my friend. Along with Pit, mostly because I’ve never seen him in a store. I guess he’s in the wave that came out at the end of December, but I’ve only seen parts of that wave. No Captain Falcon, or Little Mac. I really loved Kid Icarus as a kid, so I definitely want Pit and Palutena, if they make her. I’d like to see him in a game a little truer to his roots as long as I’m at it. I didn’t hate Uprising, but I also never finished it. Fire Emblem is probably my most favorite Nintendo franchise, even though Marth wasn’t in a game I played till 3 or 4 games into the series. They started with Burning Sword, or something. Marth didn’t show up till the DS remake of the original game. It was an awesome remake though, so whatever. In game Marth is much better than Awkward Zombie Marth, who is a dick.

I’m really glad that Fire Emblem: Awakening saved the series. I looked like there might not be any more before it did so well. The fact that it might have been the last one is why it has so many weird fetures, like the dating and whatnot. It’s a collection of “we may never have another shot at this” ideas. It made it one of the most fun replayable games ever. The sales figures back that up.

If I had the power to do so, I would totally make a Fire Emblem clone based on the Julius Drywood stuff.