1340 Bitter Fruit.


The weed of crime bears bitter fruit, you old hag!

Today I adjusted my drawspace so that I can work seated on the floor. Sitting in a chair is almost unbearable. My hip aches when I try for very long. This setup worked pretty well. I was able to get a decent amount of work done for a change. It’s a bit awkward, but maybe with a little arts and crafts I can make it work better, in case my hip takes a really long time to stop hurting. I just need a solid surface to place my keyboard and mouse pad on. There’s probably spare wood in the shed. I can build a little tray, or something maybe.

I think I’m close to the end of Pok√©mon Y. I stopped the bad guy as far as I can tell, and I only need one badge. 3 of my monsters can mega evolve and a friend gave me a stone early, so I can use Mawile’s powers before the elite 4. It made her much more useful Especially nice change after dragging her all over the world like dead weight.
Most of my team are the descendants of my original team from way back. The family lines stretch back as far as trading allows. My gengar does his family proud, even if he isn’t shiny.