1389 The Riddle Of Me.


I feel like I really nailed this scene. Well, okay, not nailed perhaps because I wanted it to look way better and whatnot, but in so far as I an capable I feel like I sold this.

I decided to have a contest of sorts because I ended up with an extra Marth Amiibo LINK Tell your Amiibo loving art friends about it please.

My Ike Amiibo that I preordered showed up finally. I was pretty certain he was a lost cause and Marth was the only Fire Emblem Amiibo I was going to get, but now I have these two. Robin and Lucina are a quest for another time. At this point I’m happy with whatever I can get and that I have a chance to shame the love with someone else.

When I got the extra Marth I had to swear I wouldn’t put it on eBay, which is easy enough because I don’t want to be a huge dick. I want to be a regular dick like usual. Also I want art of my characters, hence the contest.

For the record, Monday’s page is the really real last page of this story. I wanted all the major players to get their closure, but after that it’s a new part. We’re starting out with some Nina and the Lincoln twins to reintroduce ourselves to our old friends. I hope you look forward to it.

In Tomodachi Life I was heartbroken that Thomas and Carol did not get married. They were best friends from the start, but it never became love. Thomas married a new Mii I made up for the game called Emma. I almost let myself mess it up, but I vowed to let things play out without trying to shoehorn my stories into the game. Still, I was hoping for a Carol Thomas or Nina Thomas pairing.

I don’t know if I said this already, but Reggie is dating Evrina and is best friends with Jo. Also, Mike and Carol are dating. These are all ships I’ve seen mentioned in the comments. In fact, if anyone wants to get the game and import my Miis let me know. I think I can publis qr codes so you can import them.

Anyway Thomas is still up for auction. The lowest priced one so far. T^T

Honestly I should be happy someone wants to buy him at all. XD

So yeah, I’ll see you guys in the comments!