1388 That’s That.


It’s been a long time coming, but this arc is finally wrapping up. We’re left with a few loose ends to deal with as time goes by. I’m really glad that John got a little area to himself mostly. I’m looking forward to exploring his character more later. As I am all the new cast members really.

Okay, so, Monday the kid had a choir concert. It was themed patriotically. Now, I am actually a very patriotic American. I think that my country is all screwed up, and we need to do a lot of work to fix it, but I believe in the principles on which the nation was founded. That said, the songs were pretty awful. These concerts start out with the little kids and work up to the older ones, so we have to sit through the worst parts for an hour before getting to the Teen’s grade. It is torturous.

This time the lyrics of some of the songs were so ridiculously jingoistic that I got tickled and had to force myself not to laugh. I finally lost it when the kids sang a song where they just listed the states, in alphabetical order. To their credit, the kids sang with feeling. Or at least the ones who weren’t shy did. The shy ones just do the best they can.

The instructor is terrible. I know this because I spent 15 years in choir classes before I finally got fed up with it and quit, so I know how to sing. The Teen does not know how to sing. She sings from her throat so she’s often off key and sounds nasal and reedy. I know she could sing well with some proper instruction because she screams like a banshee 75% of the time her mouth is open. The problem is not one of lung capacity or volume. And before some asshat comes into the comments to tell me I should take the time to teach her myself, first of all fuck you, and secondly I have. She won’t listen to me because I’m me and therefore nothing I know is real.

Music is actually a big thing in my mother’s family. My grandparents were local celebrities in their day, and my mother, and uncles were in the band at various times. The Teen’s father was the only one who ever really did much acoustic singing after that whole thing was over. Well, my grandpa still sings for stuff. A lot of funerals for friends now… because, you know. He still has a really good voice. In fact, you can hear it because I remembered that I have one track of his on my PC. Here you go, it’s super old so the sound quality is weird. A Father’s Lament

I don’t have very good range when it comes to singing. I can go relatively low and decently high, but anything in the mid ranges I can’t do. My voice breaks so I have to keep to a very narrow area. That’s actually part of how I got out of being in choir when I went through puberty. When the instructor was trying to figure out what my range was she said it was really strange and would be harder to work with. By that point I was so fucking sick of concert singing I would have taken any reason to get out. Unlike with piano lessons I’ve never felt an ounce of regret for quitting. I can sing along with my mp3s and that’s enough for me.