1387 Scribbler.


These two. I made duplicates in Tomodachi Life of them and they are a real handful. Neil keeps dating girls and getting broken up with… and Evrina fell in love with Reggie. Reggie is also best friends with Brooksie… Who is in love with Ed. Basically my game has turned into an alternate dimension ship generator.

I saw some youtube videos for the new Minecraft Lego sets. I’m going to have to save all my pennies because I want to build all of them. Especially the Nether, which looks pretty much exactly how I envisioned it would in Lego. I’ve got till August to get ready for that, apparently. The guy who made the video complained about a lot of really dumb stuff, I thought. Like the fact that the bricks aren’t smooth. Well that’s dumb as fuck. It’s Lego. Anyway… They made a minifigure of Alex, who is the female skin in the PC version of the game. I’ve only played console, so I’ve never seen her in game. Only as toys and whatnot.
I’ve never actually finished Minecraft. Meaning I’ve never been to the end and fought the dragon. In my current games I can’t find the items you need to get there. although I haven’t played in at least a month since I’ve been busy. One of these days I’ll get there.

The new ebay drawing is Thomas. Link I’m guessing that the male characters are going to be the low end of the spectrum with these. Thomas has been pretty well liked, but it’s always harder to tell how popular the males are because people rarely say anything about them the way that they do with the girls. It makes me think that people are more conditioned to rate females more than males, but that’s just a guess. This drawing comes with the version I screwed up before I made the actual drawing. It’s off bad enough that I couldn’t see selling it, but not so bad that I wanted to pitch it. So It’s like a sad two fer.

I’m really interested in Splatoon for the WiiU, but I’m afraid that it’s just going to be a waste of money. Since I play at weird times and whatnot I can never play with friends. With Mario Kart 8 I pretty much end up playing alone, which is fine since the single player is good. I hope they release a demo that is for general audiences so I can at least get an idea of what the single player portion of the game is like.

I finally watched The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya the other night. I have to say it was really great. I hope they do something more with the series, although it seems shaky based on what I’ve been told and read. It’s unfortunate that I didn’t pick up the DVD sets when they were still available. Now their in that out of production limbo where people want $200 for a disc. Maybe someday I’ll find them on one of those greatest hits things like Big O, or Lucky Star.