1655 A Mighty Need.


Who Moved My Cheese is one of many books written in the early 2000s in a desperate bid to appeal to the new breed of management coming in to all manner of service industries. I have come to see books of its ilk as toxic to the mindset of the people who read them. I’m not exactly sure how this happens, because the books are relatively benign, and yet the kind of people they target always seem to come away broken and harder to deal with. I worked at a place that required us to read some of these books and then they tested us on them like school children. It taught me to be wary when a manager mentioned roleplaying, because roleplaying to them was very different than what I associated the word with.

This is as close as I’m getting to a valentine’s drawing. I’ve always hesitated with this kind of thing and, of course, the first time I go ahead and give in it gets plastered on a public website thus deincentivizing me for any future images of the same type. Seeing as it’s already out there I decided to show it off to everyone. So there you go.

I just saw a video of new lego minecraft sets. I’m really excited about them because they’re doing more biomes, like mushroom. Kind of wish they’d do some army builder sets though. Getting a single villager, or whatever is kind of annoying after you end up with 5 or six steves…