1346 All The Deals.


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So, anyway, I went to the doctor yesterday. They wanted to draw this big jar of blood for all kinds of doctor magics. I don’t have a problem with that sort of think as long as you don’t warn me first, and I don’t look. Just stick me and do whatever. This time wasn’t any different except they needed a ton of blood. Everything was fine. I was distracting myself with texting, then I noticed that my hand felt funny. I don’t have any words to describe it. It wasn’t like any feeling I’ve ever felt. I turned and looked at it, moved it, and it seemed fine. Never saw the needle, blood jar, or anything.
I went back to looking at my phone. Just as I was finishing a twitter response I started feeling sick to my stomach. It was getting worse really fast. I had fasted the night before for the blood stuff, so there was nothing for me to barf, but the need to do it was getting really intense. The lady drawing blood apparently noticed and asked if I was okay. Now, I’ve been raised my whole life not to make a big deal about feeling bad. Feeling sick is a contest that my dad always has to win. No matter how sick you are he has to remind you that he has done a full day’s hard labor while being sicker than you. However, in the seconds I had to decide how to respond I decided that army of tiny women running the office might need some warning if a 370 some odd pound man suddenly malfunctioned on them. Very earnestly I said “No, I’m not…”
At that point things started getting weird. I was suddenly very hot and my heart was beating really fast. The room started getting really bright. I looked at the window and the light just started expanding out from it till I couldn’t look at it anymore. Then I felt a lot of my muscles give a weird twitch, stopped feeling my heartbeat, and turned off. Just before I went down I thought “What a boring way to die.”
I’m not sure how long I was out. No one ever told me. When I became conscious again everyone was standing very close, looking at me, and trying to keep me from falling off of the chair. At that point my brain was back online in so far as I was able to retain memories of what was happening, but it was a few moments before I started being in control of things. It was really hard to remember how words worked. I wanted to say things, and I knew what they were, but I couldn’t make the connection between brain and mouth. Then I was being given orange juice. A little while later I was able to stand up. My hip was really hurting so I stood up and then sat myself on the floor. Which is the only way I can sit without it hurting. I’m not sure how long I was on the floor, but eventually I walked out of the building.
I was able to go to Gamestop, but when I was in walmart my body started threatening to switch off again, so I hurried as best I could to the car and waited. I still don’t feel exactly right, but I haven’t felt like I was going to pass out today.
Anyway, it was quite an adventure and I don’t recommend it.