1345 Hellscape.


This is a fun reveal.

I wrote this a couple of ways because I wanted to add in a couple of potential characters. I did the first pass with the original idea, and I liked it, but when I drew the first face it seemed like it was just a bit off. I thought “If I changed this just a little she could practically be Reggie’s sister.” Once that idea got into my head It kept getting deeper and deeper. Ideas kept presenting themselves. With just a little fiddling I’d get a character I wanted in the comic for literally years. And so, here we have Victoria. Reggie’s very odd sister. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

I know a few people vaguely suggested similar things, but I feel like this is still a pretty fun surprise.

Oh, I almost forgot. Patreon supporters, please check the activity thing if you haven’t in a while. I posted a thing about some bonus comics. Nina’s the link on the sidebar if you aren’t a backer and are curious.